About Saved by Sugar

The book & the author


Saved by Sugar is my story, my recovering and healing journey, where I share everything I have learned so far - about myself, about recovery, about nutrition, about life in general.

It all began in October 2013, two days after my 23rd birthday, when I had made the decision that would change my life forever. I decided to come clean about my eating disorder. No one knew about it, as I had kept it a humiliating secret for a decade. I hadn't even admitted to myself that I was sick. But the sicker I got, the more obvious it became to me that something needed to change - and fast. 

The main savior turned out to be a very unexpected one - sugar, which resulted in the name Saved by Sugar, together with the first edition of the book, published only a few months in to my recovering journey. However, when the first edition was written, I was still very sick and stuck in a fast downwards spinning spiral. Both my life and my eating disorder was complete chaos. 

After that, everything remained a constant struggle for years, as I made mistake after mistake, and faced obstacle after obstacle. But no matter how dark it seemed at times, I just refused to give up. I knew that someday it would get better, and I would reach my goal: true health and happiness.  

In my book, I openly and honestly share the whole story, without censoring out the cringey parts (and there are many). I'm real with what my recovery has been like and I talk both about the good and the bad stuff. I share my journey to true health and happiness, which is a journey that has felt more like a curse than anything else. But just as any curse can be, it has been a blessing in disguise.  

I still have many miles to go and I'm nowhere near where I want to be yet. But that's okay. This is not the perfect before and after thing, where I share step-by-step guides to weight loss and clear skin. This is the real story about what it has been like for is really like for me. No perfection here. No illusions about it either. It's just me, sharing my life with you.

I welcome you to be inspired. I welcome you to challange your beliefs. I welcome you to see new perspectives. I welcome you to see that you're not alone on your journey, and I invite you to come walk right here beside me. 


Tina Grundin, a 27 year old lover of all life, from Stockholm, Sweden.

I've been through a lot both before and after I decided to recover, but  I am finally well and healthy after so many years of illness, confusion, and constant struggle. 

I'm now taking what I've learned and sharing it with anyone who wants to know, with the hopes to raise awareness about what true health and happiness really is, and so that any beautiful human who is struggling might just feel a little less alone.